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Colafit 7

Balm for dogs' paws in winter

Colafit 7 protects the paws of your dog in winter. Especially before cracks when walking on rough surfaces and in winter on ice, slush, etc. It acts preventively against cracks on the paws and soothes injuries. Prevents salt crystals from penetrating your dog’s paws.


It is applied by rubbing the paws and massaged into the entire surface of the paw with the fingers. After coming home, just clean your paws with a damp cloth, or rinse with lukewarm water and dry. Wax balm can be applied to both dry and wet paws.

Time of administration:

The balm can be applied at your discretion.


For animals only.


  • 22 ml

Content of active substances :

vegetable fats and oils
ingredients (INCI) Beeswax
Hydrogenated Coconut Oil
Hydrolyzed Collagen

Store below 25° C in a dry and dark place. Keep out of reach of children.

Manufacturer: DACOM Pharma s.r.o., Svatoborská 365/17, 697 01 Kyjov, Czech Republic