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Colafit PONY

Veterinary product for joints and fur for horses

Colafit pony consists of a single component, pure lyophilized bovine collagen type I. Collagen is very important for the construction of cartilage, joint capsule, connective tissues, bone and fur of horses.

  • Collagen Booster - high collagen concentration of 50 mg / cube
  • strengthens ligaments and tendons
  • protects stressed joints and improves their function
  • ensuring the correct function of cartilage (its strength, flexibility and durability)
  • is replaced by increased loss of collagen
  • affects the quality of the fur
  • is suited for pregnant and lactating mares


1 collagen cube per day, it can be served alone or with a piece of bread or other food.

Time of administration:

To achieve the desired effect, it is used for 2-3 months, twice a year. Prolonged administration after consultation with a veterinarian.


The product can be administered at the same time as feeds that contain chondroprotective substances. The positive effect will increase even more. For animals only.


  • 30 cubes

Content of active substances in 1 cube:

Lyophilized bovine collagen type I 50 mg
Approximate cube size: 18 x 18 x 8 mm

Store at a temperature up to 25° C in a dry and dark place. Keep out of reach of children.

Manufacturer: DACOM Pharma s.r.o., Svatoborská 365/17, 697 01 Kyjov, Czech Republic

Approval number: 040 -15 / C